Marry Me, Fly Free

If some guy is limiting you, if he doesn’t help you get to where you need to go, then he’s not the one for you. He’s not part of your flight plan.”

An amazing article on the dating life of a flight attendant written by a friend, Megan Kojima. In some ways, this mimics single pilots as well. Fortunately, I went into this profession already attached and the time we spend apart is just as precious as the time we are together. When you get use to it, there's nothing like it.

Worst Restaurant Best Ever

By now, if you haven't heard about the restaurant Botto Bistro  you have to head over and read their Yelp Reviews. Trying to achieve the opposite of the highest rating via Yelp!, owner David Cerretini is arguing that it's the best business move he's made in years. If you give it a 1-star rating, you get 25% off your meal to boot!

Here's a favorite review of mine.

Also, here's a pic of the board that they have up in the restaurant.

botto bistro chalkboard

The whole story here via SFGate.