crazy weekend

After getting my assignment I though that this weekend seemed to be a future filled with cramming, I dived into my studies like a champ. Well kind of. I did hesitate and decide to walk around the house a few times, eat junk food, make tea, bake cookies and eat them all, and do a couple of other things, but I did finally sit down. Oh wait, my stupid new HP Pavilion dv1000 acted all weird and I spent A LOT of time restoring it 'my way.' All attributed to AIM or something like that. So now, I'm back on my Powerbook until I feel like installing AIM again on the PC. I hate PC laptops, but you can't win without them. At least it looks cool (not as cool as my Titanium Powerbook).

Everyone has been asking me what I think of the iPod Shuffle. To answer all your questions, its okay. I mean, you need some songs, plug it in, sync some songs and endure the pain of listening to whatever it feels like playing. It's that simple. It's a good toy. I mean, after having a computer full of songs and an iPod full of mp3s, how many of you are really going to listen to every single one of them in one sitting? Answer me! Yeah, yeah, it has no screen, but hey, you have like twice as much battery life. I would buy it at its great price. But I still have to choose between the two.

The new Mac mini is pretty slick. You can dial that into a car and be golden no matter what you drive. Shoot...a pinto with a computer capable of wireless Internet connectivity would be hooked up. I can't wait to see what company goes into this venture. Check out all these new devices at

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I totally stayed up until five-o-clock in the morning the last few night. Now I'm tired. And I was so sluggish yesterday. Jets deserve what they got. They weren't worthy, but then again who am I to say since the Chargers lost to them. Colts just got crapped on. Tramppled....royally. 3 points? Common just might have lost that MVP award. I have nothing to say about that one. Go Falcons!!!