iPhone 6 Plus Fetching Over $1800 on eBay!!!

The auction is set to end in an hour and half and we're already seeing it fetch over $1800! I'm thinking that the momentum is going to bring it of upwards of $2k! Technically this isn't phone in hand just yet but the opportunity to buy from a person who is waiting in line for any provider, unlocked in either color and size. Stay tuned for the final price!

via eBay

update: The final ending bid came out to be $2076!!! Crazy!

Dads Who Really Do Nothing

Big City Mom recently wrote on being a mother who does nothing.

There is no greater task than the nothing you did yesterday, the nothing you are doing today, and the nothing you will do tomorrow. Caring for a baby is all about the immediate experience, yet the first two years are all about investment. It’s give, give, give, and give some more. These are hard-fought, rough-and-tumble years that can cut us down to our core and take us soaring high above the clouds, all in the space of 5 minutes. And yes, as you do the hardest work of your life, it will seem like you’re not getting anything done at all. Crazy, huh?

Our daughter was born 18 months ago and I've loved every minute of being a father. I was fortunate to take one week off prior to her birth and followed it with another 4 months. Both my wife and I were home for those crucial months and I wish everyone this opportunity. Furthermore, I wish that our society put these initial months of nurturing as a number one priority - but that's another topic. Leaving for the first time was difficult but each time after that has been equally just as hard, if not harder.

I'm blessed that my occupation enables me to dedicate 100% of my time off with our daughter. I couldn't have asked for it any other way. There are times where I would rather enjoy a stress free shower without the worry of her crying, a little gaming here and there, but singing along with her during the intro to Sofia the First, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood or even Dr. McStuffins, brings me joys that I can't even speak of. Watching her feet wiggle with happiness when I feed her or teaching her baby sign language trumps mashing buttons, reading technology news and yes, even flying.

My day usually entails changing her nighttime diaper, changing her into "outdoor" clothes, playing with her, feeding her, changing her diaper, playing some more, followed by a delicious 1.5 hour (or more!) nap, then doing the same that afternoon until my wife comes home.

I'm able to get a few things done around the house, but it's even more amazing how much my wife is able to accomplish. She cooks, cleans, does laundry and washes the dishes. She even plans big parties including writing and mailing her mother's invitations for her upcoming 60th birthday party. All this with our daughter still nursing and sometimes throwing small temper tantrums. Not to mention, the previous month where our daughter was sick almost the entire time proved to the hardest yet, but we got through it together. Compared to me, I'm beat from hanging out and literally doing nothing. I like to call it playing hard.

At the end of the day, I sometimes find myself still in pajamas! After we lay her to bed, my wife and I cuddle on the couch and reflect on the past months. Sometimes we think that we haven't done anything barely remembering the first couple of months, but we come to the realization how amazing life truly is. There's no need or want to do anything else but hold her, hang out with her and play. Sometimes I have to resist the urge to wake her up and play more!

Yes, my wife and I joyfully co-sleep with our daughter on the floor of her room. I really don't understand the need to ever sleep in separate beds, or rooms for that matter, especially during these first two years. Maybe it's me being away for days at a time that I rather be with my entire family. I have friends, some with and others without kids, that look at us like we must be in a living hell, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Our setup makes it rather lonely when I leave and stay in the bed of a hotel in a distant city. I love my family so much and the happiness from being together is truly wonderful.

Sometimes we're able to get things together and venture outside the house. When we do, the beach is usually our go to. There are a few times that I look back and really have to think about what I've done, but then my daughter gives the biggest smile and I know exactly, right there, that what I'm doing is all I need to do. Did I mention, I love my family!


Ultimately, the days go by too fast. She's growing up too quickly but I always cherish every day and every minute I get with her.

Tune in live at 10 PDT to Apple's Fall Event

It's always exciting when Apple posts live streaming links and allow the underprivileged fans to watch the press event live! Starting today at 1300 EDT / 1000 PDT, you can watch it on your Apple TV, iDevice or via any other means of web streaming. Apple Oct 2013 Event

Live Streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

If you can't stream the video live, then you can always tune in to my two favorite live streams via The Verge or gdgt. I'll probably be tweeting my excite too. I've been waiting to pull the trigger on a MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display for over a year waiting for Haswell. Maybe I'll wait for Broadwell?

Here's the video direct link one more time: http://www.apple.com/apple-events/october-2013/

Robert Scoble on Google Glass

I've been telling people that this reminds me of the Apple II, which I unboxed with my dad back in 1977. It was expensive. It didn't do much. But I knew my life had changed in a big way and would just get better and better. ...This is the most interesting new product since the iPhone and I don't say that lightly.

via My two-week review of Google Glass: it all depends on price.

I can't wait to get my pair but swallowing the initial $1500 is really hard for me. I'm elated that I won the #ifihadglass contest via my tweet in haiku form but I'm going to need a sponsorship of some sorts!


Horrific Reporting

That's it! I'm fed up with crap printed in USA Today. Being a pilot and accustomed to the morning paper placed atop the hotel lobby desk, I've been reading its crap for over 6 years. Some days are good where I just want to get the "gist" of sports, but when it comes to tech, this past Tuesday's post World Wide Developers Conference coverage was horrendous! It was abominable and just down right nerve wrecking. You start an article off with the words, "Apple didn't introduce a brand new iPhone on Monday." Are you freaking kidding me?! It wasn't slated to be an iPhone day. In fact, WWDC 2012 marks the second year that an iPhone was absent from the event.

"...facing intense competition from other technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Samsung,..." - you're still kidding right?

"The showpiece of the new collection is a pricey MacBook Pro that basically marries the ultrathin MacBook Air with the sharpness of the iPad and iPhone." - You forget to add that it's actually called MacBook Pro with Retina Display and it's not a marriage of anything! It's a complete redesign! And what's this "sharpness" you speak of? The following sentence once again forgets to specify that Phil Schiller was referring to the MacBook Pro with Retina display and not the regular MacBook Pro.

"...the Pro claims to deliver a much sharper picture than a high-definition television." CLAIMS?! WTH? IT'S NOT CLAIMING ANYTHING! IT'S DEMONSTRATING A TRUTH! (sorry but my blood is boiling again)

the article in question: Apple adds iPhone features, thin MacBook Pro by By Jefferson Graham, and Edward C. Baig

Why Tweet!?

I recently found myself talking about twitter to people and the reasons I do it. Can you believe it's that it's been just a little over 5 years? So, instead of repeating myself every time, I thought that I'd repost a video that I saw a while back called "Twitter in Plain English." Enjoy.

Looking at my morning routine, it starts out with e-mails, reading techmeme.com, browsing headlines on cnn.com(only because it's three letters and short to type), checking my facebook friend feed then scrolling through those that I follow on twitter. It use to be that I'd head over to google reader but I've come to notice that a lot of the websites that I browse also have a twitter account, so I'm able to get the gist of what's going on. It's less time consuming and I can get my morning off to a bang by keeping my "catching up" duties to a minimum. Try it out! Really...and of course, when you sign up, follow me!