Horrific Reporting

That's it! I'm fed up with crap printed in USA Today. Being a pilot and accustomed to the morning paper placed atop the hotel lobby desk, I've been reading its crap for over 6 years. Some days are good where I just want to get the "gist" of sports, but when it comes to tech, this past Tuesday's post World Wide Developers Conference coverage was horrendous! It was abominable and just down right nerve wrecking. You start an article off with the words, "Apple didn't introduce a brand new iPhone on Monday." Are you freaking kidding me?! It wasn't slated to be an iPhone day. In fact, WWDC 2012 marks the second year that an iPhone was absent from the event.

"...facing intense competition from other technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Samsung,..." - you're still kidding right?

"The showpiece of the new collection is a pricey MacBook Pro that basically marries the ultrathin MacBook Air with the sharpness of the iPad and iPhone." - You forget to add that it's actually called MacBook Pro with Retina Display and it's not a marriage of anything! It's a complete redesign! And what's this "sharpness" you speak of? The following sentence once again forgets to specify that Phil Schiller was referring to the MacBook Pro with Retina display and not the regular MacBook Pro.

"...the Pro claims to deliver a much sharper picture than a high-definition television." CLAIMS?! WTH? IT'S NOT CLAIMING ANYTHING! IT'S DEMONSTRATING A TRUTH! (sorry but my blood is boiling again)

the article in question: Apple adds iPhone features, thin MacBook Pro by By Jefferson Graham, and Edward C. Baig