iPhone 6 Plus Fetching Over $1800 on eBay!!!

The auction is set to end in an hour and half and we're already seeing it fetch over $1800! I'm thinking that the momentum is going to bring it of upwards of $2k! Technically this isn't phone in hand just yet but the opportunity to buy from a person who is waiting in line for any provider, unlocked in either color and size. Stay tuned for the final price!

via eBay

update: The final ending bid came out to be $2076!!! Crazy!

It's 60 minutes past Midnight and Apple.com is still Offline

Looks like I'm going to sleep without the pre-order. I've been seeing on twitter that ship times for the iPhone 6 Plus are getting pushed back to Mid October and the Apple Store App that some people have been able to get through on is show ZERO inventory for every model.  Hope everyone had fun.  I'm going to sleep and not going to worry about it. Chalk this one up for two strikes on this week's Apple vs. the web.