just an update

As the days go by, so does the hours that I have free to write in this thing. But like the promise I made, I will update this Blog at least once a day.

So, for now, I'm reading more articles and PDFs on Aerodynamics and answering the 3 essay questions due tomorrow. I guess they aren't that bad once you do the reading, but as everyone knows me, I just started learning how to read. :-) I also have another quiz on Monday, along with more Chapter 2. To say the least, I only missed one on my quiz today and it was because I was thinking too much. Not cool at all.

Well, I got my Logitech Camera to work with the one I gave to Adelle at home, so I'm happy! I probably spent like about 1.5 hrs on the darn thing, but its really nice to be "together." I dove you!