I'm golden

After class yesterday, we headed over to a small little TGIFriday's type restaurant called HiJackers at Flagler Airport and dove right into the Happy Hour spirit. I had a beer and turned red doing so, but I did it in a fashionable one gulp deal. For a non-drinker, "I'm always down"...to an extent. My buddies from SD can support that quotation. Anyhow, we decided afterwards that we had to keep on drinking. We decided to meet later on over at Forrest's House around 8:00pm. Being that I only had one beer, I drove home w/ Laura. She wanted to start our earlier and went to Forrest's house early while Manoj picked me up a little while later.

We dranked, and partied and oh boy, I mean partied. I had around 5 or 6 shots (and I was red once again) and I haven't drank for a while now but I held up just fine. Everyone drank a little bit more and more while I stopped to keep watch.

To make a story short, one of us didn't remember last night and I had to retell the story to her. She kept on telling us that she was "golden" while falling over a couple of times. It was fun and it was good bonding time. Now, on to things more serious.

MORE STUDYING BABY!!! Chapter 3 quiz on Monday and Chapter 2 Reveiw as well. It's all in the fun. Oh yeah, I have to read like 2 more articles too. Man!!!