Hello all. I'm sorry for no update yesterday. It was a long day with both my NFL underdog teams losing. :-( Oh well.

Today, I got 100% on my Aerodynamics Quiz which was exciting! If all 4 of us crew members get 100% our instructor will take us out to lunch.

It was a really cold day today! 22 degrees in the morning and throughout the day, we had a temperature of 52 degrees F. Freaking cold and frigid! Anyways, today's topic in class was all about engine and airplane instruments. It was a new fresh course and we actually got to see the 100 hr inspection being performed on the Diamond Star DA-40 today (only for about 10 minutes). It was completely gutted. Pretty interesting how simple but yet how complicated the airplane actually is. I'm really tired and the heater being on all day is making me more comfortable and tired too. Looks like I'll be wearing my uniform tomorrow because Tally-Ho finally sent them to my roommate. It'll be soooo comfortable! Casual days were good while they lasted. Oh yeah, I got my Black Members Only Jacket in too. That'll fit right in with my uniform!

assignments: Review questions being given tonight which are due Wednesday. Flow and checklists memorized for before taxi and before take-off procedures. Read chapter 2. <- not that bad eh?

Here's a picture of a dismantled DA-40.