so get this...

My morning went schedule was as follows:

-Went to bed around 12:00 AM.
-Woke up at 5:00 AM but got up at 5:10 AM to start studying for my first QE (qualifying event = final / midterm) while listening to Sirius Channel "The Beat" (kind of like electronic / dance music)
-Got dressed around 7:45 AM and packed a Red Bull and a Nutri-Grain Bar
-Got to school very anxious to download all my knowledge at 8:15 AM
-Downed the Red Bull in a matter of 10 seconds
-Got WIRED and I mean WIRED for the test
-I received the test and answer sheet and started backwards form question 50 (my anxiety really gets to me so I just play along with it and do things weird)
-I finished all 50 in about 8 minutes

The bad news is... I did not get a 100%. I missed two questions, one of which was just marked incorrectly by yours truly and the other I completely missed. Stupid me. But, if you count all the quizzes and this QE, I'm still ahead. But then again, if you only count this event, everyone missed two except my Crew Buddy Minoj who missed only 1. Oh well, I got another exciting day like this one on Tuesday. Apparently, we will be flying within the next two and half weeks making our way into the final parts of the Private Pilot Ground Course. I can't wait to get my wings.