Time is of the essence. I have no time at all (of course besides this time that I'm putting away writing again). It is not hard to keep this updated, but I've been studying. Learning just about everything and anything that I can take in during my Private Pilot Course on Weather while learning more and expanding my knowledge knowing that I will have an upper division course on weather once I get to commercial and jet training. Right now, we are doing Weight and Balance of an airplane in respects it and our capacity. It was a funny thing because after doing all this, I got worried that my trip to Vegas in the DA-40 was over weight. I did the computations and boy, we just slid right under the Normal Category for operation. I mean I did it before hand, but I felt that I might have missed something. It was a great relief to me that I didn't. It's just way too crazy how much you really have to plan out before you actually attempt to go anywhere. I can't wait to get back home and start flying to Vegas. Who's coming with me?!

I have a quiz tomorrow on airplane performance, have the final stage 3 exam (QE 3) and the FAA exam next week. I'm going to take it home! Oh yeah, and I scored a 95% on my last QE. I fell down to second in the class out of four...but I WILL REDEEM MYSELF!!! MUUWAH HAHAHAHHAA!!!