1st day of flying

It's great to be back in the air! I was able to do great takeoffs but my first landing was pretty bad. :-) Of course, I came back around with the proper correction and nailed that sucker. Flying the DA40 with 200 pounds extra in the back (my stick-buddy) changes the dynamics and I should have known that. I powered off and just thumped back to the ground. Wasn't that bad, but not good enoung to pass my standards.

Recap of Last night:

Got home and needed to get rid of this pressure crap that is making me partially deaf in my right ear. Something about getting sick and getting all clogged up back there. So, I took some Nyquil, and ate some dinner. Laura told me that that always makes her pass out about 45 minutes after initial digestion, I wanted to prove her wrong. I just about started feeling really whoosy right there and then. I decided to go to bed and I passed out!!! --> there goes my studying that I thought I was going to do for the Physiology Final today.

I woke up a couple of times during the night just feeling kind of weird but I was able to get some good rest (the best ever) and woke up early to get ready for my first flight. After the flight, we (as a crew) went back home, ate some lunch, headed back to school, had a Red Bull and a Nerd Rope, and then took the test. I passed w/ a 94%. I tied once again with the Indian dood who spent the previous night watching 6 hours of the O.C. Man, I guess I still have it in me!

Going flying tomorrow...of course, if that SoCal storm doesn't get in the way.