WX Outlook

Wow, yesterday and today, it's been up to the last minute to decide whether we'll be up in the air or staying on the ground. The only thing that I find frustrating is the fact that we wake our asses up , get into uniform, check the weather, call up our instructor to get his final say, when I walk out the door, he calls me and then cancels and then says we'll fly up on saturday, and then I call him and the outkook is marginal VFR because of ceilings...yada yada yada.

Should be fun today. I'm about to step out of the door and head to class. Looks like we'll just be doing some ground again today. Umm....I see a pattern here.

To top it off, my right ear is still all messed up from I don't know...fluid congestion or pressure build up. I can't hear out of it. Stinks but oh well, what can I do?

Call me if you click on this link and you see some adverse weather.