Grass is good!

So the latest and the greatest. It's been quite a while since I updated my journal thingy because we haven't been doing anything new. But in other parts of my life, I've totally started up on fishing and got a whole rig and everything! It's been great going out. Definitely passing time and I get to study a little bit too. Good times at the Intercoastal. I'm in definite need of a car. I don't know what to get out here. What do you guys suggest? I'm looking at a TL. I'll probably keep this one too for the rest of my lifetime until I can move up again.

"I love you baby!"

Well, the weather here is crazy. I've experienced two of the worse storms in my life. They were just short of hurricane status due to slow winds at 40-60 miles an hour. Thunder, lightning, the whole works. It was outrageous. One minute, its sunny, then next its pouring. So as of now, my class has fallen a bit behind, but not to say that people who are also in the VFR stages are a little behind too.

So, get this! I did an actual soft field landing today on a real grass strip. I have to say that it was surreal. Felt like we were back in time. All the planes in the pattern didn't have radios either and they were all tail draggers. We didn't fit in at all. Doing the approach and take off was ridiculous. On the ground, we had about 19 inches of manifold just to taxi. You really have to hold that stick up too and get that front wheel off the grass. The roll out to take off is nutty. I can't say that I did that bad though. I have the video but don't have a DV cam yet. Hopefully I'll be able to put it up sometime on quicktime or something. But, it was a blast. I think that everyone who gets their private pilots license should actually get a chance to do this too! I really want to go back and do more practice landings.

My friend Andy always impressed me when he could land on a dime. I would point out a place on a landing strip and he would just hit it like no other. I'm learning, but still have a little bit more to go. But I'll hopefully be able to do in no time.

Here is a picture of the "runway."