Boating on the Inter Coastal Waterways (ICW)

Today was a good day to take out my housemates boat. The only concern was that it was a little bit on the windy side. We got the motor to start and the battery was all good. Matt just changed a few spark plugs and off we went!

We hit up the High Bridge Boat Ramp and undocked there. It was nice to cruise around, but not that exciting after a while. Matt and I were thinking of going out again sometime to find a place where we could take out our girlfriends when they come here on May 20th. The water was all mucky and stuff and definitely not a good place to go out for a swim. There were a lot of fish apparently. Flounder, Salmon and Red Fish all over the place. We didn't catch any because we didn't have any current Florida Fishing Licenses. They are very strict over here.

Here's a pic of me driving the boat. It's a nice one too. The cruise speed of 30 was smooth. The only thing missing today was the ladies in front of the boat. Hurry and come guys!!!