PC to SD and back again....

The last couple of days in San Diego have been very eventful to where I was able to re-acquaint myself with culture and society. Upon arriving in San Diego, my mother picked me up in my C55 (Mercedes Benz AMG) and I took off. Boy do I miss the power of that V8. It was nice seeing my mom again. I made a surprise visit to my darling Adelle, scaring her but giving her a happy smile. It was surreal that I was able to purchase a flight, pack, and head to San Diego within 24 hours. We went to the Nordstrom Café with my mom and I had some normal food. I call it normal because there isn’t anything like it in Daytona Beach. I had a Baked Salmon Caesar Salad and a Turkey with Bacon Panini Sandwich. All was good. Just walking around the Fashion Valley Environment was overwhelming. I drove home and came upon my house in PQ to a brand new garage decked out with custom made cabinets and such. I opened the door to find that the carpet downstairs is pulled and getting prepped for some wooden flooring. My dad was as pleasant and loving as always. I headed upstairs and walked into my room. Well, what I thought or use to be my room. My furniture was still there with my computer all setup, my remote that controls my entertainment system and everything else but the feeling of “home” was missing. On the way to PQ I even almost missed my turn because I was just not use to driving where people know how to drive. The 4 lane freeway is awesome!

I got ready and took a shower that didn’t even feel that great. I was mostly confused. I hate to say it, but life in Daytona Beach (Palm Coast) isn’t that bad. I have it pretty good there. I got ready to meet up with Marella and Mr. Jo-Lawrence Bigcas to go out and have some sushi. I never thought that it would be that good, but I have to tell you that it was magnificent. Tremendous is probably a better adjective! I ordered from the same sushi chef that I always use to for lunch and he hooked it up. I ordered 3 rolls, but he ended up doubling the order entirely. So, for $20 I got $40 worth. I had my first bite and was overwhelmed with emotion. I’m not that fem, but food never tasted so good. Being with my friends just topped it off.

The next day, I don’t even remember the details except that I ate a lot of different types of foods. Persian, Vietnamese, Mexican, In and Out…that’s just to name the ones I remember. I love San Diego so much. There is so much to do and so much to eat.

I love San Diego. I miss living in San Diego, but only until recently have I really gotten to know how much it has meant to me to be raised here. You get spoiled with all the amenities and attractions that SD has to offer. My home now though is Palm Coast. I have accepted it fully and come to the realization that my residence there isn’t that bad at all. All of you have to come and visit. I will not nor ever say that I love Palm Coast, but it is my home for the next year or so.