VOR Navigation + Frogs...

Well, today in instrument ground, we covered a lot of VOR navigation including HSIs. We even got to fly the King Air simulator. It was really nice to actualy come to the full if not more complete understanding of using the OBS, HDG, or HSI.

Oh yeah, there was a frog on Matt's window tonight eating up all the little bugs. It was crazy! It was jumping all over the place. Apparently, my other friend at CAPT says that his house has them little things all over the walls. It is nutty!!!

Check it out! That glob on the window is the frog and the light is emminatting from a flashlight that we used inside the house to attract more bugs to the window pane for the frog to eat. He's a hungry fellow I tell ya!

***note to self, don't go outside in the backyard without shoes, pants, killer spray, etc...stupid florida creatures***