trelijah news

The link above is to a mobile log that I just started. It is me and my daily activities through the eye of my Sprint Treo 650. Don't mind the resolutions of the camera either. I"m still tweaking it here and there. But it should be fun. Look for more updates there if nothing is one here. I'll create links, etc in due time.

So, today was a good day for quizzes. I got 9.5/10 on VOR navigation. We then went ahead and learned about NDBs. Crazy stuff, but I was able to grasp it in no time. We are geared to finish Instrument Ground (CAPT 301) by May 31st so that means that we'll be flying by June! I can't wait.

Today was one of the first flash thunderstorms that occurred here. It was nice and beautiful in the morning, then around 1300 hrs, a large cumulo nimbus formed, and boom...just thunder all over the place and large pelting size rain drops. I've never seen rain hit a windshield and splatter to about the size of a half dollar. Apparently, we are suppose to be expecting that all the time here in Florida. I still don't get why this state is then the busiest in General Aviation Activities.

So check out this link too. A pilot and his friend were flying a Cessna 150 ( a small small, very little aircraft that can only carry two light passengers) flew 3 miles within the White House. Yeah, F-16s were scrambled and everything. Just read the article.