Only in Florida / Good Ins. Approaches

So I'm about to head off to bed when I hear Matt come into the house. I open the door, still brushing my teeth and he says, "Come take a ride with me!" I'm like, alright...something is up. Knowing me, I'm always down for anything. It's 2:17AM EDT! I hop into the truck, we drive north on Belle Terre and low and behold, there is an alligator in the middle of the road. Check it! Yeah it looks like I'm FOB in slippers and all. Hey, it even actaully looks like I'm in the Philippines! =) But no, I'm just in Florida! Believe it!

And my instrument approaches are looking pretty good. I did two GPS approaches and a VOR-A into x47. Good stuff. Tomorrow, we start partial panel as well as Precision Approaches. Should be fun.