She called!

That was the highlite of the day Adelle calling me to say hello and good morning. It sucked really because she called four times and I was only able to hear two of them. I felt bad. But it was good chat time we got. She also sent me a picture too. Check it out. I think that this was taken somewhere in Spain. But I have no idea.

Only one more week till I'm in San Diego! I can't wait! Carne Asada Burritos, Thai Food, Panda Express (seriously better than the Chinese food here in Florida) and just anything and everything!

Mr. Andrew Strauss setup his online journal today with some pix taken from his new Canon Rebel XT Digital SLR. I must admit that the pictures are just ridiculous in precision and detail. I love it! Check out his page at: His journal engine is neat with word associations and everything. I like it. I wish that I had the chance to hit up China and just immerse myself. I tell you, if I wasn't here at CAPT, I would be doing the same thing. Good luck buddy!

Have you guys been following Hurricane Katrina? It's nutty and getting stronger. Evacuations on all lanes of the freeways, and just people getting out of there. Make sure to update yourself with the Weather Channel. It's what my television is always on.