One out of two engines again...

Today was a great day of flying and dodging clouds. We are getting some bands from the now Hurricane 5 storm called Rita, but nothing too much. Of course, I washed my car Sunday night and what do you know, it rains. It hasn't rained in like two weeks and just for some reason, the sky opens up. Oh well.

Flying was fun today. I've been so excited lately at the controls. I feel a tingle which reminds me why I am doing this. I love flying! Anytype of flying for that matter. Andy told me one day that any type of flying should be fun and after that, I realized that even though it is hot and miserable sometimes, you have to make it enjoyable.

We ran quite a couple of engine out scenarios this time in the plane right after take-off, aborted take offs and single engine climbs. It was stressful at first, but I have to say that I was able to handle it prtty well after a couple of tries. We also did some short field takeoffs and landings. My first landing was really smooth but the last two were kind of tough because I was trying to hit a spot on the runway. I chopped off the power on the first landing a little too soon, landed quickly and right on if not by a couple of feet too far foward but it was a little hard. The second was a little long with a glide going but smoothly than the last. We aborted the next time around and just taxied back in.

All in all, the flight was excellent. I'm looking forward to getting my Private Multi and doing some approaches tomorrow. Should be fun. Single engine approaches, I might add.