SE Approaches

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So, it was my turn today to execute and complete lesson 9 which encompassed single engine approaches. I decided to keep the first two close (bad idea) and then head over to Orlando, Sanford (KSFB) for the ILS 9L. Before I taxied to the runway, I setup everything and anything I could to keep me ahead of the plane. I had 1 full approach setup with the 2nd on the GPS and the ILS frequency set as the standby nav freq. I felt like it was going to be a good flight. It did take a while, but hey, I rather spend more time on the ground prepping to keep my airwork to a minimal.

We took off to the east over the water from runway 11 X47 and once setup, I called up Daytona Approach for the VOR 17 into KOMN followed by the GPS 23 into KDED. I knew that the engine was going to go out at one point during the final approach leg, but I wasn't sure when. Of course, it goes out when Daytona Approach transfers me to Ormond Tower. I got it under control and didn't lose my heading or directional control. I executed the missed which actually lead straight into the final approach leg into Deland. It was happening so fast. I knew that it was going to happen this way, but instead, I decided to get my Nav 1 setup for the GPS 23 instead of looking at the other set of instruments. I didn't activate the approach on the GPS 1, so I turned to intercept the wrong course. I got it together once Manoj and my instructor noticed that I was turned the wrong way, but I intercepted and got right to it. The engine was cut off right when I was descending from DONGS intersection to the MDA but we changed that to stay above 1000 feet. We broke off early for traffic avoidance and headed for Orlando Class B.

I briefed the approach which was going to start pretty quickly, called up 121.1, Orlando Approach to ask them for clearance. We got it right away, and began heading in that direction. This time, as I was turning to intercept the final approach course, my right engine went out. Of course, the Glideslope was alive and trying to maintain 88 kias with one engine was getting a little difficult. I raised the flaps and stayed right on it. Runway in sight, I was instructed to complete a single engine landing. I was maintaining directional control but I started to drift to the right of centerline and over corrected to the left. We landed a little to the left and even floated a bit because I had too much single engine power. I was able to make a soft landing but it wasn't what I wanted. I think that I'll try more tomorrow.

I also want to check out Miami because my friend Scott from CA is visiting there. He's on a business trip, but I thought that it might be cool to fly down there and have some lunch or something. We'll see, but I highly doubt it. Anyone want to come?