Feathering the plane...

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Today was the first day that we finalized the shut down sequence of an inoperable engine. It was kind of exciting to see the plane flying with one propeller spinning and the other just standing still. The shutdown procedure wasn't that difficult either. The restart was a little weird with the fuel pumps on because it gave way to a jolt of fuel and engine propeller spinning that yawed the plane back and forth. Even after that motion, the propeller still wasn't fully on. After restarting, things went accordingly. I departed from St. Augustine and headed south along the coastline.

Along the way, I did some steep turns and had a little bit of a hard time because I didn't have a horizon to use to look outside. I ended up wavering a bit in altitude but after just concentrating on my adjustments, I was able to maintain.

From KSGJ to KDAB, it's 49 nautical miles, so according to regulation, we were just 1 mile short. It was ridiculous. We then just figured that I should head a little bit more south to New Smyrna Beach for a touch and go to complete the distance requirement. The GPS 29 into KEVB was okay but I was getting a little of course when the engine failure occurred. I got back, did a touch and go and off we went. We then headed to KDAB for the ILS 7L and both of these approaches were done with single engine simulation. I wasn't on the dot as I was yesterday, but I wasn't that far off either. On to tomorrow. At this pace, I'll have my Private Multi-Engine License by the end of next week.

There's a picture of the prop in the feathered state on trelijah.