VFR Night flying

I have to admit that everytime I get to fly around a large populous area at night with clear skies still excites me! I sit there and just realize that this is really what I want to do. Its amazing to fly over Downtown Orlando while trying to find the stupid airport beacon and runway identifier lights. I voluntarily turned off the map screen on the Garmin 530 (GPS Map system) so that I can just level up my night vision skills. It was awesome how situationally aware I was. I skirted around town at about 1400 feet which is right under the Bravo air space around that area and headed towards a good 45 entry for a left downwind for runway 7 at Orlando Executive Airport (KORL). As we got closer, we could see the airport lighting system for Orlando International Airport (KMCO). Its awesome just 'noticing' these things. The lights really kind of distract you more or less.

Flying back to Flagler, I did some commercial steep turns (not to PTS standards) and executed an awesome emergency descent. My landings (I did 6 in all) were awesome! I was feeling each one of them compared to the other night. These were definitely comparable to my day landings. I also asked to land at Flagler twice at night because of how different the environment is without lights and with the shorter, narrower runway. I transitioned accordingly and successfully executed both of them.

Tomorrow night, we're going to head to Opa Locka which is just north of Miami. I'm definitely looking forward to that flight because I have never gone south of Vero Beach. Miami, here I come!