Stage I complete and on to Stage II

Stage 2 of Multi-engine commercial consists of just building up time. I mean a lot of time! We have a lof of multiple cross country flights that extend beyond 250NM and even farther. We have to accumulate about 2-3 hours on the HOBBS alternating between flights. With this all said, we have a great possibility of actually traveling across the country. Another crew is already on their way to Las Vegas and I hope that I might also have this oppurtunity in the following week. More on this topic later.

Today's flight was alright. Not my personal best but I guess that stage checks aren't ever that good anyways. My approach was a little sloppy in reference to altitude. It was really bumpy on my entire flight and I had a simulated broken HSI. That made the approach really exciting because it extends my normal scan outside of its boundaries back and forth between CDI #2 and the Garmin 430 stack. I definitely have to fine tune everything prior to the next two stages and the DE ride. But come to think of it, I only have 2 more in house checks and the DE + Adv. Meteorlogy then I'm done with piston! It's amazing!!!