Ocala and JT

Today was a great flight before my Commercial Multi-Engine End of Course. It was the preride check and I was able to perform my maneuvers per PTS if not just a little off. I'm sure that I'll have it down before the actual ride this coming Monday. It was a stress free flight. It was also the first time that I got to fly into Ocala Airport. For all of those who do not know, Ocala airport is near the Private Strip called Greystone. This of course is where John Travolta lives. We flew over his house while I snapped some pictures. Check it out on the trelijah page. It was a really enjoyable flight.

There were a few things that I need to practice but I will try to do my best. My roommate Jeremy came along for the ride and his debriefings were very thorough. It was great to now only fly with another pilot monitoring but as well as another instructor to keep you up to date on your check line items. Good stuff.

I had a huge hamburger over at the Tailwind Cafe on Ocala Field. It was great! It was about the size of a hand and as thick as and inch or so. Damn good meal I tell ya! Almost on par with Islands in San Diego.

We took off and headed back to X47 and decided that my steep turns from the previous flight were sufficient! :-) Its on for this upcomming week! In house Checkride and the FAA ride this week. Wish me luck!