First half complete!

I was able to not only finish my in house oral exam and the checkride but the Adv. Meteorology course today! I didn't do as well as I would have liked in AWX but I was able to score above a 90%. Very low in my books, but hey, I completed all three qualifying events in one day. Take that for some thought.

Tomorrow morning at 0900 EST, I will be beginning the DE (Designated Examiner) Oral Exam and Checkride. To be a Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot or not to be...that is the question. Stay tuned!

If all goes well, I will be making the transition to jet systems very, very shortly! I also go home next Saturday!!! Not this upcoming one, but the following on the 24th. So you know what that means, I don't have any time to buy presents because I'm booked till I leave. Sorry guys! Definitely next year when the inflow starts happening again!