Loving it!!! +6

I just wanted to relay this post! I wasn't able to view this on television until the highlight reels were being aired, but I was listening to it and watching it on the NFL live gametracker. You have to listen to both! They vary so much...just listen!

Turner 83 yard TD run

Below are both the Chargers and Colts radio calls when Michael Turner makes his game clinching 83 yard touchdown run. Iā€™m certain that Chargers radio broadcasters Josh Lewin and Hank Bauer will make it on Dan Patrick's Homer Call Play of the Week Monday morning on ESPN Radio.

- Courtesy Chargers broadcast

- Courtesy Colts broadcast

6 players to the Pro Bowl. That's right, you don't hear anything about the "other" guy. Oh yeah, and by the way, congrats to Mr. Shawne Merriman for being voted to the Pro Bowl!!! May he bring the Chargers Defensive good action for years to come!

off comment note: I have my first CAPT 500 series final in about 14 hours. Goodnight!