Goodbye Saan Geego

Because most of my favorite sushi places were closed, we had to end the night with some Thai food from "Taste of Thai" in Hillcrest, San Diego. Still the best, no competition comes close. I did ask for an extra spicy Hot Basil with Duck, but it still wasn't good enough for me. I guess that I'm just asking for it. =)

Here's a pic with Jojo, Marella, Adelle and me closing out the night! See you guys in three months!

Jojo and Marella also introducted me to a new Nintendo DS game that just makes me want to get one. It's call Trauma Center: Under the Knife and is a pretty addicting game. You play a doctor with the stylus in the emergency room and try to operate on a "patient." You guys have to try it out. My PSP just isn't as fun. Umm...