Laundry Anyone?

Well, after only having to go one day without a laundry washing machine, it was time to get a new one. Learning from two different resources and the fact that Maytag Legacy Series was a piece of junk, I decided that it would be beneficial to buy a brand new one. Needing a new transmission, knowing that it would break again because of the faulty design, and having a ridiculous cost of labor to replace, I found a good one at Best Buy.

Most of you know me and although I always want the best, money has really been an issue lately. Spending has been curbed and the ideas of the awesome front loading LG machines will have to wait unitl I start earning some cash. So, I went with this one. I was able to find an Open Box Buy (supposedly damaged cosmetically, but nothing that I didn't see) and they discou nted it to $330.99. I'm a maniac! I also had Matty P and JZ to help me regain my senses into practicality. Thanks guys. I was in the dilemma that it would be smarter to buy a better one that would last longer for renters in the future, but of course, its not always wise because you never know what may happen or whether or not they would take care of it the same way when you are present in the house.

Here's a picture of it. Moral of the story?! --> buy only Whirlpool, LG or Roeper (not familiar with the last one)