Wilmington, NC

Last Saturday, Ryan and I decided to take a DA40 to Wilmington, North Carolina. We still have quite a few hours to burn in the DA40 so these long trips always help out with taking care of those. It's all about building hours from now on. I just wish that we could get a couple more Multi-Engine time. I'm so close to 100 hours (89.1). I had my first real life diversion which occurred around Charleston, South Carolina. Bathrooms are an amazing thing in airplanes, but these little buggers give you no choice but to land. We got vectored around a landing DC5 and felt just a little bit of his wake turbulence but stayed above the path the entire time. It was a huge Air Force Facility with large heavy aircraft lined around the airport.

Passing Myrtle Beach was a first. The view from above definitely led us to believe that they are that nice. The sand was bright white and the water was a lighter shade of blue. Looked pretty neat. It even looked like there was quite a few tourist spots along the way. We encountered only a few cloudes and I got to log .1 actual. That's always fun. We keep each others count pretty accurate using a timer in the plane. It definitely feels like a lot longer when you are in the clouds.

We got to the Air Wilmington and they had a crew car available for us to take out. We chose the Jeep Wrangler over the Chevy Tahoe and as far as I can remember, it was my first time in a Jeep. It was stick too! Had some good power but was definitely fit more for an offroad drive. Coming out from the airport down 23rd, we passed by a place that was reminicent of Forrest Gump's home town. Brick houses and trees along larger than my normal plots of land. It was homey I guess you can call it. Southern is probably a better term. The real estate definitely gave you the feeling of "experienced." I don't know a better adjective at 12:37 in the morning. I just know that I have to get back to studying. But I'll keep writing just a little bit more. Here's a pic of a house on Midway just at the end of 23rd. Pretty quaint eh?

Oh yeah, we ate at another place that was #1 in 2005 for BBQ. That was the 2nd time Ryan and I tried a place that said they were the best. Never again and we'll leave it at that, or not. I'm just glad that I didn't let it out on the way home. I was ready though with the sic sack at my side just in case. It was probably the banana cream that pushed me over the edge.

On the way home, we had to stop by St. Augustine to refuel because we would have landed below our reserves. That was a quick flight and fuel. Ryan caught the women punching in wrong numbers into the machine to charge us. She almost rang us up for 49 gallons. If you didn't know the DA40 only holds 40 max! It was a little fishy and we got it corrected. So, make sure that you verify all the time how much they are charging you.