the day is done

The day is done with 1 more test to take (ADX - Dispatcher FAA Written) within the next couple of days while the ATP stuff is still sort of fresh in my head. I can't say that I did stellar or that I was able to score anywhere where I wanted to be. It is my own fault I guess, but there were a few questions that I didn't recognize. For those who really want to know, I scored a measly 85%. Trust me, that isn't that good knowing that the rest of the class scored above you. What does stink is that out of a bank of ~1300 questions you are provided with a selection of 80 random questions. They could be of the hardest or the easiest. It's just all random. Someone could get away with a 100% or a 70% just by the chance that they got screwed or blessed. I like to think that I got away with being blessed. I didn't fail or score any lower. Of course, 85% was my line for failure.

I am too many things on my mind at the moment and sometimes, standardized tests don't mean a thing, ya know? As those who score low would say, "Give me a pracitical situation where I need to demonstrate my knowledge and I'll do just fine, but give me a test that the FAA expects you to come up with the right answer, I'll fail..." I mean, some problems were so gross in that each answer was separated by only a few numbers and if you rounded before, in the middle or after you completed the problem, you would wind up in between two different choices. Its just ridiculous! Oh well, on to bigger and better toys!