LOFTs and CAPT 511

LOFTS: LOFTS stand for (line-oriented flight training) and over the last few days, Kurt, Manoj, Ryan and I have been just flying all over the state of Florida trying to gain some experience and build up hours with the ones that CAPT has allotted us. From Pensacola to Tamiami (twice) I've burned off quite a bit. It's definitely been lots of fun. On the way to Pensacola with about 1.5 hours left enroute, I decided that we not divert for a bathroom break at Tallahasse. It was not a wise choice. I ended up enduring some of the worse lower-abdomen pain in my life. I broke into a cold sweat about 10 mins. prior to touchdown. I was just hurting. Finally running to the bathroom at Pensacola Aviation, I relieved myself and still was feeling some pain. Don't think that I didn't use the restroom prior to leaving but I did two times. I didn't even drink anything in between. It was a good lesson. The weekend prior we diverted for a restroom break and that worked out well to Charleston, SC. I have learned well!

While Ryan and I were at Tamiami, we encountered two pilots who also wanted to grab a quick bite to eat and we all ended up going to a place called Kegs. It was almost like High Jackers but they did have a good selection of food. I had a Gyro (it was alright) and we just chatted away. One of the individuals was the assitant cheif pilot for Flight Safety in Vero Beach. So of course, he asked us quite a few questions about the program and we just compared back and forth. The other gentleman was a flight photographer, and he had a lot of stories to tell. Yesterday, on the way home from Tamiami, we got vectored right over Miami International and that was a site! THere was also some good actual instrument along the way and surprisingly it wasn't that bumpy at all!

CAPT 511: With the news that the King Air Mechtronic simulator is down for another week, CAPT has decided that we proceed with our jet transition course in the MD90. A great choice that we do not get behind. I'm rather excited that we proceed but I did want to get some experience in the mechtronics. I actually want to fly a King Air and grab a few hours with a pilot out there. If you are reading this, leave a comment.

My plan today is to study some flows with my flight partner and just go over the simple motions of a preflight in the MD90 cockpit. It's going to be an interesting week. As of now, my first LOFT in the MD90 is at 2000 (8:00pm) tomorrow. Good stuff!