CAPT 511 / Day 2

Here's a pic of the simulator on the outside and another with me at the controls. I'm still chasing the plane a little bit, but things are slowly coming together. Kevin reminded me that we are in a transition course and not the actual MD90 ground lab. We have a lot more to go over tomorrow, but I'm sure that everything will come into place.

I executed the Freedom Visual 9L into Philadelphia and had an engine fire prior to V1 departing on 27L. They were both pretty awesome, but the first engine out as FO was quite a shocker. When they said that you would just sit there and not do anything at first, I didn't realize that I was doing just that. That engine out siren is really loud and making an announcement for the passengers to standby, etc, its crazy! This pic is before I started breaking into a sweat trying to get everything straight.

We got some flight director experience today and did a stall too. I'm loving the jet!