a fun week with lisa

quick note: this entire past week consisted of below freezing temps. check out the pic at trelijah If you can't read the temp gauge, its reading 30 degrees F.

I just wanted to say thanks to lisa for coming to visit me here in Florida. It was a great week of just relaxing and hanging out. It's great to know that we are still learning quite about each other and growing even though we are so far apart.

Adelle got to hang out in the MD90 for a demo flight (I wasn't at the controls) for a little bit and it was nice to know that she acknowledged it as a good simulator. It's not that I'm trying to prove anything, but hey, its pretty damn close to the real thing if not there already. I wish that all my friends could come out and check it out while its still here in Daytona Beach.

This picture is of us at Shayna's surprise birthday party last Saturday. I haven't been updating the blog because of just all the school and hanging out I've been doing. Last weeks schedule included me waking up at 3:00 AM everyday so that I could get to Daytona Beach by 4:15 AM to begin going over my flights. It was definitely a tiring week, but once Lisa got here, it was smooth sailing.

Sadly enough, I really didn't plan too much because hanging out is something that is more fun to me these days. Is that a sign that I'm getting old or maybe that we are getting old already? It's really fun though, trust me. We have done quite a bit already in Florida the past year so there isn't that much to do. We almost went to a NBA game last night but found out that it was an away game. I like the spontaneity of our decisions. I mean its all last minute, but we try. We hung out till the last minute when I needed to take her to the airport this morning to catch her flight out of here back home to San Diego. Valentine's Day was a chill holiday. I was sad that I didn't take out Adelle to a nice fancy restaurant, but the time will come. Don't worry babe!

It's been a year (actually 13 months) and I'm ready to get out of here and head back home to San Diego. Most likely, I might be here in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale maybe) trying to learn as much as I can about the 747, but that's all speculation right now. I can only hope for the best. Adelle has 3 more months to go before she is done with her Master's of Public Health at San Diego State. I'd like to think we're both making some good headway into our futures.

meesh you already nache...come back soon k?