FTDs and Chili

So, I have to saying that all the jet simulator work is starting to take its toll on my brain! It's also just draining me completely. It's great to fly and learn, but the rate at which we do it is crazy! It is faster at the airlines, and I'm sure that after this MD-90 training, I will be more than ready!

We are in the stage where our Jet Sim instructors want us to learn the systems instead of flying. Think of it as a bonus that we end up flying. Last night, I got to land from the right seat with a 15 knot left crosswind. That was interesting. My landing wasn't the smoothest once again, but it was my first in the right seat. We landed at KSFO (San Francisco) and I have to say that it might have been my first time there.

I have quite a bit of work cut out for me this coming week with a possible stage check and an oral exam in the very near future. Memorizing the limitations of the MD-90 is so fun and exciting! No really though, I'm having a tremendous time reading and learning more and more. I just wish that I could actually be more into it which is impossible, but I'm loving every minute of it!!!

Oh yeah, the latest and greatest thing on my menu is the cafeteria chili. For $1.60 you get a 12 oz cup of not so fresh chili and a piece of cornbread. I'm really doing it for the cornbread, but it fills you up and makes for a good cheap dinner. Then some other days, they have a different soup and its just a whole other adventure.