Sim #9

Definitely not a good time...after the first half of the session (someone flies for two hours then we switch seats for another 2) where I was Captain first, I felt very disappointed and depressed on what just transpired. I felt like crap! During the intermediate break, I went straight to the briefing room, sat down and just contemplated why they heck I was all over the place. I really felt bad. I didn't know what to do or say or I don't know. Just wasn't happy at all. I gathered some thoughts, got back into it (this time in the right seat) and the second half was rather amazming. I'm able to do the right seater's duties well (at least I think that I can) but when it comes to the left seat, I'm just thinking about too many other things. I spoke to Adelle and she brought up a good point that I'm sure will help. I have to stop thinking about both jobs. I need to be Captain when I'm in the left seat and be the First Officer when I'm in the right. I'm not necessarily doing both jobs, but the tasks are going through my mind as if I am flying both seats I guess.

We'll see tomorrow. It should be fun...hopefully. I need a damn good flight to get me out of this failure feeling mode. I mean, a damn good perfect never been better type of flight. I am hard on myself, but I only have 4 flights until the pre rate then comes the checkride! I need everyone's prayers from here till graduation and of course afterwards so that I find a job quickly.