Tomorrow is the day of judgment

After today, it showed that I hadn't flown in quite a while. I mean the circle to land was great except getting blown a little too far right, but it was probably one of the best that I have done. I also was able to exit on the first taxiway. The emergency descent flow went really well, but I did have some issues on coming down. Coming out of a hold at flight level 290, I was set at 265 kts and I noticed the cabin altitude increasing rapidly. I initiated the Cabin Altitude procedure and when I put on my mask, I just started coughing and sneezing. It definitely wasn't a good sign, but I pulled the throttles too early and had a hard time getting to a descent speed of 320. On an engine abnormal on takeoff prior to V1, I yelled out, "Abort!" instead of "Reject!" which I have always done before up until the time where I get tested. Of all the times I said it outloud in the car on the way down, or chair flying, I still said the wrong thing.

As most of the instructors have noticed, I try to rush things or execute procedures too quickly. It's definitely just a time to reflect and really really consciously get myself to think, think, think, rather than speak or react instantaneously.

Here's a nice picture of the type of plane that I have been training to fly. I only wish that I could get a chance to fly the real thing, even if it is as a first officer or jump seater even. I've sit as a passenger on an MD88, but sitting in the cockpit is always a different story.