Part II

After the initial testing period, I had the drug testing at 10:00AM, then hung out till lunch. They ordered some really good pizza along with salad and garlic bread and we had it in about 12:00PM. Corey and Jesse from the CAPT program came by and had lunch with me which helped me relax a little bit more. I got finger printed around 1:00PM, then played the waiting game until around 4:00PM where we sat in the Hospitality Room with Greg Vanick (I'm not too sure on the spelling, sorry) and listened to him speak about the company a little bit. I met quite a few interesting people today with various backgrounds and some of them with the potential being future coworkers either in the flight deck, aircraft or in training. Definitely great people to talk to.

I'm definitely getting really excited about everything already. The individuals I met today from Focus Air were awesome. Fe was really nice and having a great and cheerful Director of HR is always a positive thing. You know that feeling you get when checking out a place, that feel good, things look great feeling...I got it today just by meeting these individuals. I also met Michael Klenz and his puppy today. He told me that I would end up working with him and that got me pumped. I'm all about being an assistant to anyone that I can learn from. I like to think of it as being an apprentice. I had a chance to speak to him on the phone for a bit prior to come here and it was great to actually pair a face to the voice. Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I have my HR interview, paperwork, the CEO David McElroy is giving a speech and then I will head over to the main building for more interviewing with Mr. Klenz and Greg. I can't hardly wait. I just wish that more of my friends from CAPT would come after me. There are openings too for more Cadets!!! *hint*