Well, this is it fellas! My temporary workspace. I have been able to find a little space in the back of the Technical Publications Department settle down. I'm connected on a LAN from another desk and just roll back and forth if I get an e-mail or whatever that is company related on my PC. As you can see, I have lots of papers on the desk and on the ground. The ones in the box at the "yet to be done" pile of LoadPlanner worksheets. There was a small printing error and I am going through each of them making a minor correction. It is a tedious job, but I'm loving every minute of it. I got to update some Jepps the other day, and created a whole box of ETR tags. That implies placing a wire through a hole and twisting the protector sleeve and wire tethering them together. So, either than that, there are little things that I am able to help out with here and there throughout the office, and I look forward to everyday!

I had some excellent sushi with a coworker last night on Las Olas Blvd. called Shizen which proved to hold its own. I have to admit that the service on a scale of 1-10 was a -5. I mean, standing around waiting to be seated with 4 workers passing by, waiting forever for the bill, it wasn't that nice of a place to eat except for the ambiance. The food did make up somewhat for the lack of attention. I mean the food was excellent and the pricing was a little above average. I'm definitely going to hit that place up again, but we'll have to be crossing our fingers to see how the service will pan out. Thanks again Mike for dinner and lunch today!