Baadie and her graduation

So, this past friday, my girlfriend graduated from SDSU with her Master's in Public Health. Good stuff eh? She's planning on going to more schooling to become a nurse so that's cool and all, but it does have a drawback in that we would be switching coasts. I mean, it'll be all good once I start flying anyways, so maybe it'll all work out.

I flew here on Southwest with only two stops along the way to SD. From FLL to JAX then to Nashville, then SD. It wasn't that bad of a flight at all and I must say that the landings were great.
I'm going to be heading back home to the Hampton Inn in a couple of hours (more like 6) and just start up another exciting week at work! More auditing, but I should be done soon. I'm very excited for the next project that I'm going to be taking over.

Congrats to Manoj for getting hired at Focus Air. It's going to be an awesome year. You learn so much and as long as your interested and never rest, you're going to always have your hands full. I'm loving it already!