San Diego...Super Chargers!!!

One word (maybe three if you think of its pronunciation):

LT was awesome (too bad that like the rest of the Chargers, I didn't have him on my fantasy team) but I'll take the completions to Gates and Parker. It's nice how I also had Rivers in the mix, so I got the double points for the TD to Gates, but come the Chargers bye week in week 3, I'll have to draft some other peeps to avoid a complete shutout!

What about that outstanding defense. It's going to be different once we play a team that really starts to actually pressure our secondary. Like always though, the Raiders were able to keep the short passing game efficient and did make some good throws. The Chargers did some great defending but should have had at least 1, maybe 2 interceptions. Oh well, can't ask for everything.

Would you call it a blow out even though the Raiders did have a chance to score? Whatever the backup quartbacks name (Andrew Walter) it seemed as if he was going to actually be the one to put up some points. Of course greed took over and I just wanted a complete shut out after the first half. =) It seems as I got what I wished for! GO CHARGERS!!!

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