I just came back from one of the best trips that I've had in a while. This past weekend, my old roommate and I went up to his home town, Northport, Long Island for a fair that goes on every year called Cow Harbor Day. There were so many things to do and see. Not only does his family sponsor the race, but it feels as if everyone knows someone or is somehow connected that it gives you a sense of community. It is kind of just like the story tale communities that you hear all about growing up.
So anyways, we went fishing that Saturday and I was the first to catch a fish! I hooked a 28" Stripped Bass which we kept and ate for dinner. It was awesome! I also ended up catching 3 more fish but they were only blue fish. Not bad for a first in Long Island.

We couldn't have had a better weekend. Now, I'm back at work just helping others fix their computers once again. =)

Oh yeah...what about them Chargers?1 I'm also 2-0 in the Fantasy League that we have going with have the 2nd to lowest score too. I'm just lucky so far, but we'll see this week. Being that the Chargers have a bye, my fantasy team had 4 players out, but I've gotten their positions filled in just fine.

This is nutty! Don't you wish that you could do something like this?