I think that I gained a good 5 pounds from going home this past weekend. Eating dinner at the new house, an awesome lunch at Ranch 99 Sam Woo BBQ, dinner at my aunt's house, lunch the next day at mom's new house, and sushi for dinner before the flight... Mmmmmm ....good stuff! I can't say that I've eaten that well in quite a while. I didn't have the appetite to actually eat an In-N-Out Burger, but I still remember the taste.

Catching the flight last night was rather smooth although I was coming close to them closing the flight on me. Sushi with Greg, Brent and Adelle was just too much fun. Tempura Ice Cream...we definitely have to do it again soon fellas. Thanks a lot to a friend for the gift. More or less, its was always more symbolic than just face value.

I haven't been in such a low seat count flight in a while, but I guess it is the low season. I got on, actually got some sleep, arrived home around 5:30 AM, got more rest and made it to work right on time. Now, the biggest problem is how and what to pack for this trip. Anyone have any ideas?

by the way...what do you think of the new layout? I just finalized the banner with a couple of random images that change on refresh. I also added the time in Lux and the wather map has changed to correspond to where I'll be. Click around and don't forget to check out trelijah from time to time. It might change though when I get to Lux because my treo probably won't be operational overseas.