Day 1: Amsterdam

Whew...what a day. Pulling an all nighter on Wednesday was quite an adventure. Trying to stay up and not knowing when exactly my flight would depart was a little stressful. As always, I was having trouble packing only because I just didn't know what to do. Adelle made a me a checklist and as I went through it, I thought that I had everything. I definitely just didn't know what to bring. So, I ended up forgetting a couple of things here and there, but nothing too important. I mean, there's only clothes anyways.

I went to the office one last time, then headed to Miami with Manoj and boarded the aircraft. Thanks Manoj for taking me and helping me out. Hope that your back is feeling better. All the luggage that I had was just too much for me. I had the help of Jimmy and everyone else. I was off to a good start. I got to work right away on some computers, distributing badges, and making sure that the crew had the right plates. Exciting stuff. I got to watch the takeoff and landing and observe throughout the entire flight. Everytime I get on board, it still gives me the chills thinking that one day I will be able to fly the whale. I can't hardly wait to push those levers to take off power. During the flight, I didn't get much sleep at all as I was still ansi and excited along the entire way. The sunrise was amazing.

Getting through customs was easy but the bags were just too much. The Sofitel is an amazing hotel. Beds are comfortable and soft, the internet is quick, the technology works and the food is amazing. I walked around downtown with the Captain and Load Master and even got a chance to stroll around the 'museum.' You'll see the red light lamp post prior to entering the corridor in the photo gallery. Surreal sums it up just about right. I ate some ribs for a great price (12.50E) and the sites were nice. The coffee bars were interesting as well as the Cannibis museum.

Enjoy the pics and I'm off to Luxembourg tomorrow.

I'm going to updating my blog more often as well as the photo album. I'll try as much as I can to keep it updated. The more comments you leave, the more I'll write!