Day 2: Still in AMS

Well, after another awesome breakfast and some downtime, I finally got the call to actually head out and enjoy the city. I did work a little bit today on a computer and hunted an individual to change out badges. It's weird that I'm not sure how to keep track of stuff. Coordination with the main office and everything else just makes it seems as if you are working of that you have to stay on top of things. Peace of mind is a little hard especially when you don't know where you are suppose to be or how you are suppose to get there. It's all a great adventure though which I don't mind at all.

I upped more pictures today. click here This album contains some places that we ate at, hung around and a person from the US that we met on the shuttle from the Sofitel to the Van Gough Museum. Kim walked around with us and she even had dinner with Tony and I at an Indian Restaurant called Bollywood. Definitely some good food. She later showed us a bar that we kicked it at for a while until we had to walk back to our pick up point. The cover band played songs from Nirvana and Coldplay to Keane. Good stufff. On the walk back, I wanted to take a picture of the "outhouse" that they had. You can see it better right here. It's a four sided system for men and its placed just right outside. A little awkward you can say. And no, I was not actually taking a leak.

The night got a little better when we got back to the hotel in that I had the chance to meet a bunch more of the crew members and even drank a little bit more. Good stuff. Tomorrow, I'm suppose to rent a car (maybe a Mercedes A Class) and drive to Luxembourg. It should be quite a journey. In the meantime, make sure to always check out the Photo Gallery and my mobile blog.