I'm in Lux!!!

I made it after a couple of hours of driving, one fuel fill up at ~ 40 Euros, two trips to the restroom at .30 Euros each and a small Honey bunches of Oats Cereal Bar. Now that I think of it, I don't think I ate any lunch or dinner. I did have a beer though when I got to the Hotel. Thanks Greg for the welcome.

last night:
After we got back from the "Lighted Square, " we met up with a bunch of crew in the downstairs lobby and hung out for a bit. I got to meet more people which was a good thing and even met up with Vic. Good stuff. I had yet another beer and a shot of
yeagermeister. I'm starting to get use to drinking and not having the red spots show up. Good thing? Who knows...

the beginning of the day:
I had breakfast with the crew which was great company, picked up the rental at Budget in the Amsterdam Airport, drove back and gathered all my stuff. I got some assistance from the manager lady and loaded the little car up. It's a fun little car and has some moderate to okay acceleration. Although it wasn't the A-Class that I thought I would be getting, it definitely worked out just right to fit all my stuff. The internet connection that I have here in the Amsterdam Hilton isn't that great at all, so I won't be able to really upload all the pix that I took on the road trip until I have some decent connectivity.

I had a small hassle on the way down taking a 20 minutes detour in between Brussels and Antwerp. It was good small town driving. The entire trip started at 1330 local and ended at around19:30. I did also take a 20 minutes stop over to rest a bit. Raining also started pouring but no one really slowed down, so I just followed along. Driving around here is definitely weird, but I'm running out of battery. The Hilton only allows you to connect one device in a 24 hour period and didn't let my personal laptop onto the internet. Oh well...more tomorrow.