2 Hours Lost in Lux


So, as the story goes...Greg took me to Uptown, Luxembourg where we had really good pizza for about €12.50 and some change for water. All in all, if I eat one meal a day for < €20, I'll seem to be alright. This of course considers the fact that company is paying for my breakfast in the hotel. Now, when I move into an apartment, I don't know what's going to happen. Everything is really expensive around here.

Anyways, back to the story. After the pizza, Greg offerred to show me the way back, but I really thought that I could it being that I drove around a little bit on my own. I was starting to get the feel for the area, but oh boy I was wrong. Initially upon arriving in Luxembourg, I was told to follow the signs to Ettelbruck in order to get to the Hilton. I did assume then that the Hilton was in Ettelbruck. In correlation to the map, I underestimated the true size of Luxembourg because Ettelbruck was up north quite a ways. (I don't have any type of GPS in the car because Budget didn't get me the CD nor did they have one. And it isn't the nice colorful map that you might be thinking off either) After departing the Onesto Pizza Place, I went down the hill, made a left then an early right which didn't look so familiar and then ended up with a sign that said no entry. I turned around, headed back up the hill, and went the other way. I was relieved to once agian find my way to signs saying "Ettelbruck."

So, I continued to follow signs for Ettelbruck passing up one that was slightly covered that said Hilton on the left. The hill / mountain that the Hilton was on was covered in a little fog so I wasn't able to catch it on my right, so I continued driving following the sign for Ettelbruck. I noticed that I started getting into places that I didn't recognize. I drove into the city of Merche and Diekirch just circling Ettelbruck, but after that, I decided to start asking people where the heck I was or where to go. The first two people that I asked (gas attedant and a passerby on foot) didn't speak english or when I said Hilton, they said no hotel here. I finally found a McDonalds where the drive through person understood me a little, but he said that he didn't know of any in Ettelbruck. He only knew of the one in Lux!? I was like no...but then just told him to show me the way. He then said that the Hilton is on a hill when we drives to work. I got excited, asked him where he lives and eventually found myself back to where I began the night's excursion. I did pass by the University and a tank display with an American Soldier Statue which was cool. I also saw signs that said Bastogne which is about 1.25 hours north. That's when I decided to turn around really.

So, when I got back to my original starting point, I eventually saw the sign that I missed and ended back home about 15 after 12. Exciting times in Luxembourg!