Goodbye Hilton?

I just found out from the receptionist downstairs that I will be forced out as they are booked for two consecutive weeks. Looks like I'll be transferring hotels once again. Parc Plaza anyone? At least now if I ever decide to drink which is hardly ever, I can walk home just fine.

I read the forecast for this morning, and it had as a description, "possible snow showers," which definitely didn't sound fun. I mean, I love the snow, but living in it is totally different. No there weren't any snow showers and the sun is brightly shinning today, but the temperature is still at a low 4C as of this posting. The ext. forecast calls for a range of 8C to -2C for the weekend and into next week. How exciting!!!

Things are going well. Yesterday was the start of Christmas shopping and decorations here in Luxembourg. There is no sign of Thanksgiving what so ever either. =( I think that we are going to try to celebrate it with some friends over here (Greg and I <-- he's going to cook perhaps) which will bring some festivities to the event. We'll see how that goes. I got to check out some long johns while shopping for more electrical outlet adapters and they were quite expensive at 13.00 for a top and then another 13.00 for the bottoms. They did look a little better than the Hanes one I use to wear as a kid. I wore three layers the other day with a double pair of socks. I think though that a face mask would be key.

I bought some new gel today which is just like the gel I use to get for Halloween! It's sticky as heck. It doesn't freeze your hair over either, but man, I need to get a haircut very soon. 25-30 anyone? I also found out that getting a shoe repaired is 30. It's getting ridiculous to live here with all these minor lifestyle expenses. Another price point for ya: it cost 4.60 to dry clean a shirt and 8 to complete a load of laundry. It's just nutty here! And to think that I am not getting any European Living Monetary Compensation. Umm...what do other companies do? Now, it is true that living in Asia would be much less and yeah that wouldn't be cool if the co. paid us a lower dividend, but I don't think that any co. does.