Title Completed

I completed the title of this blog over the last week with my first trip to Frankfurt. I enjoyed every moment of it as I got to do normal things such as buy really cheap food (2.20 Euro Dogs and cheap cola), grab a Starbucks (just for old times sake), walk around and shop for electronics although it definitely wasn't Best Buy and just get to see some sights. I even got to see Mr. Bill Gates who stood 3 feet from me but whose guards wouldn't let me take a picture with him at the General Aviation Terminal, FraGas. Oh well, a missed opportunity for a good picture, but its all good I guess.

Frankfurt was an overall good experience. It's definitely a lot more city than Luxembourg but definitely not as quiet. I wouldn't mind living there either, but Luxembourg has definitely grown on me quite a bit.

I uploaded some new pix and there are a bunch of Landstuhl just for you Mar! (they are on page 2 of the Frankfurt Gallery) I tried to take some of the little town and signs mostly. You and Jojo should come out and visit ASAP. It's not that far from Luxembourg at all. Be sure to click on the photo gallery icon on the right side of this blog.

Adelle found some old pix of me and her that we took together our first Halloween in 2002. We weren't a couple yet if not far from, but it definitely was the beginning of things to come. I'll post it sometime later but definitely they were good times.