I have been sprinting to the finish line for the last two weeks cramming everything that I have learned over the last 2 years for an interview that would result in life changing events. Late night study sessions, application parties, and then multiple sim sessions in the Frasca and MD90; all this for a chance to finally fly instead of be taken advantage by "some other brand." (oh yeah I did...)

For those that have not been following along the last few months, I have lived in Fort Lauderdale, lived in Luxembourg, was homeless for a couple of days, wound up back to where I started, and survived an interview with some well accomplished pilots and a sim check that I was dreading from the first time I heard that it would be in the same simulator that I took my type ride in almost 8.5 months ago!

It was a great experience and I'm ready to finally settle back down and relax. Of course, only for a little bit as there is way too much to take care of in such little time. I wish that I could come home for the holidays, but I haven't been left with much a choice.

I'm finally starting to finish up the final layout to this blog. I'm sorry that I keep on starting new ones, but I thought that it would be a good way of keeping different chapters in my life separate. We'll see if I like this one, but who knows...I might just start a whole other website / domain all together. stay tuned ^_^

updates: links now contain a few from the past blogs with more to come...